About Us

Instructor at WorkSuccess and safety depend on knowledge and training. Global Well Control LLC is an IADC-accredited well control school in Texas that offers courses for entry-level operators as well as seasoned veterans and supervisors. Whether you need to take an accredited course for certification or you simply need training that is non-accredited, we can help. In addition, we are proud to offer onsite well drilling training at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, or course training at your company.

Best of all, we tailor our schedule to meet your needs. Due to our experienced instructors and thorough programs, our students have earned some of the highest test scores around. And superior scores and training means high-quality and safe services on the job. From IADC WellSharp classes and blowout prevention courses to risk awareness and management training, we make sure you are well-equipped for your well drilling operations.

We’ve been in your boots — at the rig since 1968 and training since 1982. We know that training is not as fun than going to a game, hunting, or having friends and family over. But your training is necessary and might just save your life, or the life of your fellow roughneck, new roustabout, or your friendly rig operator. We arm you with the knowledge you need to be cool and confident, pass the class, and get back to work.

Contact us if you need to schedule training for the employees at your company. We proudly offer our courses for companies, contractors, and operators throughout Texas.