Global Well Control started in 1982 teaching in accordance with MMS standards.  Our manual was modified in February, 2003 to comply with IADC regulations. With the most recent update and transition to IADC WellSharp curricula in September 2015 along with state-of-the-art CS 22 Ultra-Light simulators, Global Well Control offers superior well control training to the oil field industry. 

Global’s school is backed by hands-on operations that started in 1967, coupled with experience with engineering to develop teamwork in well control situations.  You will not only be trained to handle well control situations, with gas or oil kicks and H2S present, but you will be trained to look deeper into the situation, allowing you to make key decisions that may help eliminate crisis situations.  We welcome you to participate in our training seminars with ideas of your own.  Please understand that our training gives you the experience of handling textbook problems.  Field situations may differ and may alter the way you handle your well control situation.  Your training and response time are critical to any operation.

Remember that the success in your next well control situation depends on you and your crews training and practice.  Train the crews you work with and practice well control using BOP drills each tour.  A trained crew is essential to a good, safe well control situation.


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